The Chatterbus, stopping at...



The Chatterbus, stopping at...

Cobham & Stoke D'Abernon Railway Station


The Chatterbus, stopping at...



The Chatterbus, stopping at...



The Chatterbus, stopping at...

Brooklands Retail Park


The Chatterbus, stopping at...

Weybridge, Ship Hotel


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Bus Routes & Timetables


Are timetables available at the bus stops on the route?

Yes, they are. And don’t forget about our [Chatterbus Tracker] to find out where the bus is at any time.

What other services does Chatterbus connect with, and where?

  • Guildford and Kingston - via route 515, at Cobham opposite Waitrose.
  • Woking - change onto route 436 at Brooklands Retail Park or Weybridge.
  • Byfleet - change onto route 51 or 436 at Brooklands Retail Park.
  • Further afield - please check Surrey County Council Timetables or Traveline.
  • South West trainSouth West train services towards Guildford and London at Cobham Station

If there is a traffic jam towards the station along the Stoke Road can the bus deviate down either Vincent Road or Tilt Road?

This will be at the driver’s discretion and he could take an alternative route so long as he does not miss any bus stops where passengers are likely to get on or off the bus. There is some flexibility in the timetable to allow for traffic problems.

Will the bus wait at the station if train services are delayed?

At the driver’s discretion – and Chatterbus is unlikely to wait if the delay is more than 5 - 10 minutes, depending on schedule.

Does Chatterbus stop at all the bus stops on the route, or just the ones in the timetable?

The bus will stop at all recognised bus stops on the route, if requested to do so. The bus stops will have a C1/C2 identifier and in many cases a timetable on display as well

Can I hail Chatterbus?

Hailing Chatterbus is possible, but only on roads with no designated bus stops such as Downside Road and Freelands Road to Lockhart Road. Stopping to pick up passengers on these roads is entirely at the discretion of the bus driver, who can stop only if it is safe to do so.

Can I ask for the bus driver to stop away from a bus stop so I can get off?

At the bus driver’s discretion – unscheduled stops will depend on whether the service is running to time and on traffic conditions.

Are there any timetable differences for school holidays?

  • Not for C1 and C2 Chatterbus services.
  • Route 408 (weekdays only Cobham to Cobham Station, Oxshott, Leatherhead and Epsom) does have some differences, see timetables for details.

Can I pick up Chatterbus on the Northfield Estate?

  • At present the timetable does not allow Chatterbus to go into the Northfield Estate.
  • If after a couple of months’ operation we can identify a substantial need from the Northfield Estate, we may be able to adjust the timetable. Please let us have your views, either through the bus driver or via this website.

Does Chatterbus visit the Sainsbury’s Superstore on Bridge Way?

Chatterbus will go to the Sainsbury’s Superstore on Saturdays only, but not on weekdays

Does Chatterbus stop at Silvermere?

If you would like to get off the bus at Silvermere, please speak to the driver; there is room in the entrance if there is a need but you will have to be visible to the driver and it must be safe for him to stop.

Could Chatterbus divert via Whiteley Village?

We shall be reviewing the service and its usage over various sectors as well as the unmet demand in around two months’ time, but at present a diversion to Whiteley Village is unlikely.

Will there be a reduced fare for Brooklands College students and apprentices?

  • This is under review to see if there is a need for it. We would like to hear from those interested via the email address on our website.
  • Timetables at present may not suit the college students, except to get to the station in the morning, and return via the 436 to Brooklands Tesco, then C1 in the evening.

The proposed timetable will not enable pupils of Cobham Free School to use the bus. Would you consider revising the timetable?

  • The timetable will be reviewed regularly, and requests for additional stops and other changes will be considered.
  • We will review timings and load factors and will look at accommodating journeys to the Free School from the Stoke D’Abernon direction, and also from Weybridge and Brooklands.

Can I check before I travel to see if Chatterbus is running on time?

  • You can look at the Chatterbus Tracker page on the website to see where the bus is. You can even see what speed it is travelling at!
  • Details for access through desktops, Tablets and Smart phones are on the website.

Will the Chatterbus timetable be reviewed to consider locations where it currently does not visit?

  • The timetable will be reviewed regularly, and requests for additional stops and other changes will be considered.
  • Please give us your suggestions via our email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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