No need for Cash. No need to have the right change.

You can now pay for your Chatterbus ticket with your Contactless Credit or Debit Card, or use your mobile phone or smart watch and pay using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

How does it Work?

  1. Board the Chatterbus and let the driver know where you want to go and how many tickets you need if you are buying for your group.
  2. The Driver will select the tickets you need and confirm the cost.
  3. Place your Contactless Card or Apple Pay/Google Pay enabled phone or watch on the contactless reader.
  4. Your Tickets are printed and charged to your account.

We still accept Cash and Concession Cards but many may find it more convenient to pay using a Contactless Card or a mobile phone or smart watch using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Adult Fares are just £2 within a single travel zone or £3 across one or more travel zones, Children’s fares are half price. Weekly Tickets are also available. For full fare details see our Fares page.