The Chatterbus, stopping at...



The Chatterbus, stopping at...

Cobham & Stoke D'Abernon Railway Station


The Chatterbus, stopping at...



The Chatterbus, stopping at...



The Chatterbus, stopping at...

Brooklands Retail Park


The Chatterbus, stopping at...

Weybridge, Ship Hotel


First Day for our New Chatterbus!

Monday 16th Oct 2017 was the first day for our brand new Chatterbus!

The new Chatterbus is a lot more spacious than the previous bus and has a low entry step for those who are not so agile. It also makes it much easier for wheelchair users to use.

If you haven't tried it yet, give it a try and you will be surprised how spacious and comfortable it is. See the timetable here.

First passengers boarding the new Chatterbus
Chatterbus in Cobham
Chatterbus at Sainsburys


Chatterbus outside Waitrose, Cobham
Buying a ticket
Spacious Chatterbus

Cedar House raises over £2000 for Chatterbus

Evangelos Pieri, Joyce Acher and Mary Lewis at the Cedar House Opening on Heritage Dayw400Thank you to all those who came and visited Cedar House on Heritage Day (9th Sept 2017).

Evangelos Pieri opened his house to the public and raised over £2000 for Chatterbus.

The leasehold to Cedar House was bought from the National Trust by Evangelos Pieri /Surrey Investments UK Group last year. He moved to Cobham five years ago and established SUKI in the High Street.

“The first time I drove past Cedar House I fell in love with it,” he says, but was shocked at the state of disrepair into which it had fallen, having stood empty for years. Working closely with the National Trust, he has completed essential repairs and the external renovation, and now hopes to restore the interior as his family home.

Photograph shows Evangelos with Chatterbus directors Joyce Acher and Mary Lewis outside Cedar House on Heritage Day.






Exciting Chatterbus News

New bus back window being fitted at the Mellor factory.Thanks to the fantastic support of the public and the increasing number of passengers over the last two years, the Chatterbus will be getting a brand new bus. The bus will provide more comfort and space and provide better disabled access. This investment in a brand new bus has only been possible due to the generosity of our major sponsors: Elmbridge Borough Council, Surrey County Council and the Chelsea Foundation.

The bus is expected to be operational at the end of September or early October 2017. We will publish more details nearer the time so you can be one of the first to catch the bus and experience it yourself.

The Chatterbus is run by the Cobham Community Bus CIC and its chairman Sir Gerald Acher and Lady Acher visited the Mellor Coachcraft factory in Rochdale this week to check on progress: “It’s all go up here and very exciting!” was Sir Gerald’s verdict.

Sir Gerald with the new bus at the Mellor factory
Lady Acher with the new bus at the Mellor factory