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New Chatterbus Timetable starts Mon 4th April 2016

Chatterbus Timetable 4 April 2016Download the new Chatterbus Timetable hereChatterbus aims to provide a reliable, friendly service that’s there when it’s needed.

For our second year of operations we have improved the C2 Saturday timetable for shoppers in Weybridge and Leatherhead, and our C1 weekday timetable continues to provide regular services connecting Cobham centre with the station, the Sainsbury’s Superstore, Brooklands Retail Park and Weybridge.

Here is a summary of the changes:

C1 (Monday to Friday)

A slightly earlier start at 0700 instead of 0702 from Sainsbury's will make sure commuters will get the 0727 (0724 in winter) train. The school service in the morning will depart six minutes earlier from Blundell Lane (at 0814) and from the station at 0822 to further ensure that school children get to school in plenty of time despite variable traffic conditions. As a result morning services until the 1118 from Cobham Station are subject to revised times. The 0940 from the High Street to the station will no longer run as there is a 408 bus just a few minutes earlier.

The afternoon service from Weybridge Ship Hotel will leave two minutes earlier at 1203 so that afternoon services will also change by a few minutes. The late afternoon service to Brooklands will no longer run, due to low demand and traffic congestion at that time.

There will be more stops at Oakdene Road on the way to Lockhart Road for Day Centre users.

For Downside residents, there will be a new late afternoon drop-off at 1725, if requested.

C2 (Saturday)

This will run a more helpful service for people wanting to visit Weybridge and Leatherhead/Fetcham, by reducing the long waits at those destinations.

Download the new Timetable

Please check the new timetable via the link below to see whether your regular service is affected

To download the new Timetable please click here or on the timetable on the right.

Text Notification Service

Although the Chatterbus reliability and punctuality is generally excellent very occasionally traffic incidents on the M25 and indeed local roads can sometimes quickly compound themselves into a severe timetable delay.

So to further improve our service to passengers, we are introducing a text notification service of major delays directly to your mobile phone. To register for this free service please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your mobile number requesting you be notified of any major Chatterbus delay.

You will still be able to find out where chatterbus is during its running hours by clicking on the bus tracker page on our website.

Waitrose Shoppers Raise Funds for Chatterbus

Waitrose TokenA big thank you to all the Waitrose shoppers who helped to raise £256 during the Waitrose April Community Matters programme. Shoppers used the Waitrose green tokens given to them at the checkout to nominate the Cobham Chatterbus to receive a donation, based on the proportion of tokens placed in the box near the exit of the Cobham store.

Thank you for your support!